Airy 101: An Introduction

Hi, my name is Liz from Airy, and I want to take the next 4 minutes to talk about Airy's conversational platform, what it does and how it can help you.

Airy 101: An Introduction

Hi, my name is Liz from Airy, and I want to take the next few minutes to talk about Airy's conversational platform, what it does and how it can help you. Conversational solutions are everywhere, whether it be on your website as live chat, on app as an app chat, or on social platforms that you use every day, like Facebook, Google, or WhatsApp.

Although they're everywhere, conversational experiences tend to be siloed and fragmented, especially once you integrate with your existing tools and business systems. However, with Airy you can store, structure and utilize all conversational data. So you can connect sources to Airy such as website and app chat, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, or custom sources.

And once you connect these sources, you can build different conversational use cases. So first is conversational AI, where you can train your models with conversational data via Rasa or Dialogflow. You can enhance your business systems by integrating with your CRM, such as Salesforce or help desk like Zendesk. And you can store data in data warehouses like Snowflake or Amazon Redshift.

Airy is super easy, meaning that with these two commands, the whole platform is already up and running. Airy comes with many components, including blazing fast APIs, you can access your platform programmatically, via graphical user interfaces, and pre-built integrations into all of your systems.

It's possible to connect all major conversational sources like Facebook, Google, or WhatsApp to Airy, but we also brought you an open-source chat plugin, which you're able to customize yourself. The live chat that we give you is already a part of Airy and we have even more SDKs that are coming. In terms of how to access your Airy instance, you can do it with:

  • APIs where you can view conversations, messages, users, and more
  • WebSocket where you can power real time applications
  • Webhook where you can listen to, or subscribe to events, and react accordingly

You can participate in conversations programmatically, or integrate your Airy instance with a custom platform.

We know that sometimes code is not enough, so we've created UIs for you. You can see all conversations and messages from all connected sources, you have a fully functioning inbox with features such as a channel UI, tags and templates.

As a conversational platform, Airy also cares a lot about conversational AI. So we support all conversational AI providers like Rasa, Dialogflow, and IBM Watson. Even in the inbox, you can see what your conversational AI would suggest with Suggested Replies. Airy runs on Kafka, so you can scale it as much as you want to, meaning that there are no limits.

So for example, in our own instance, we have millions of conversations. You could also host it anywhere, whether it be Airy cloud, your own AWS account or whichever hosting provider you have. And in addition to this, everything that you see is open-source.

You can install the CLI with one command, and then you're able to do anything to create or control or administrate your area instance.

You can test it locally on your own machine, or you can deploy it on the cloud, whether it be with us on Airy cloud or on your own AWS, Azure, or Google cloud. As you can see, an instance was created on AWS on the right hand side, just while I was explaining this to you. So join our Slack to get community support, and in addition, we also have a dedicated enterprise support team. Start a conversation with us on and we look forward to hearing from you.