How to build your conversational dashboard

How to build your conversational dashboard

Your conversational experiences are up and running. The livechat on your website is buzzing with chats, your chatbot answers requests in your app and your customer service agents switched from answering phone to answering chats.

The data is flowing. But how do you visualize it?

First you need to chose your Standard and Value Metrics and get your dashboard up and running, for example with Airy’s Conversational Dashboard, it will look something like this:

As you can see we chose our standard metrics: Number of Conversations, Active Conversations by Day and Source, Channel Count and the most active hours.

Same as our dashboard yours should be extendable, so you can add metrics on the fly and value metrics once you identified them.

Stack & technical setup

A dashboard is only as good as the data and the systems powering it. To make your dashboard extendable and flexible, as you will learn and adapt it over time, you need to make it powerful.
For a powerful dashboard, you will need to set up a good data pipeline and storage system.

As far as data pipelines and storage go, it depends on which channels you have running, which metrics you want to track, and which data you want to store.

Learning from storing and utilizing millions of conversations our choice for conversational data solutions is data lakes.

At Airy we build our data pipeline on AWS, storing conversations, messages and metadata in S3, using Parquet for compression and AWS Glue for schema management.

For the conversational dashboard above we are using Metabase, for us the fastest and easiest way to visualize the analytics.

As another Open Source solution it also helps keeping your data secure and data control and ownership clear.

Benefits of using Airy’s Conversational Dashboard

- Easy to host
Our enterprise edition is easy to host. You can run it in your own cloud, no matter if it is AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.

- Extendable and flexible
As we have seen there are many possible metrics you want to track, and your tracking and dashboard will change over time. Airy’s Conversational dashboard is set up exactly for this challenge.

- Easy to set up
Airy’s analytics are easy to set up. Either run through our guide or schedule a call with our solutions engineers to get you up and running.